I am trying to integrate BDD using Cucumber. But I am really confused what is the difference between io.cucumber and info.cukes libraries. And which one to use and when.

I tried to read and understand the github README.md file still can't make heads or tails.

Still further I am not sure what is cucumber-jvm. Why do we need cucumber-junit (can't the standalone junit library suffice).

Thanks in advance. Any help is much appreciated.


Refer to the release notes for more details. - https://github.com/cucumber/cucumber-jvm/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md.

There has been substantial changes in cucumber 2. Refer to this for more - https://cucumber.io/blog/2017/08/29/announcing-cucumber-jvm-2-0-0

io.cucumber and info.cukes are Maven group ids. info.cukes was for Cucumber version till 1.2.5. The latest version are in io.cucumber starting from 2.0.0. There is also a new version 3 with more goodies in github with the master as mentioned in the release notes.

The reason the groupid was changed because gherkin has changed the groupid similarly.

cucumber-jvm is the java implementation of Cucumber framework. there are many other implementations in other languages - https://github.com/cucumber.

When you use the @RunWith(Cucumber.class) on top of the test class, it means that a specialized runner is being used which will execute the feature files. The default runner of junit will not get you anywhere, though might cough up some exceptions.

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    Thanks a lot. Your answer was really helpful. – Alok May 7 '18 at 17:01

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