I enabled the server for getting expose headers but i dont have the code to get the page count and show the value on react-paginate:

export const FETCH_BLOG_PAGINATION = "fetch_blog_pagination";
export function fetchPosts(num) {
    const request = axios.get(`${ROOT_URL3}?page=${num}&per-page=5`);

    return {
        payload: request,

import {FETCH_BLOG_PAGINATION} from "./actions";

export default function (state = {}, action, res) {
    switch (action.type) {
            return {...state, [res.headers['X-Pagination-Page-Count']]: res.headers};
            return state;
  • Current Page and the total number of records should come in response object and not in headers. – Ricky May 7 at 10:52

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