I have an ionic 1 application with pouchDB running to store user data locally.
Now I want to release the next app version, which I build with ionic 2. The user data should be stored with ionic nativ storage. I tried to load the old pouchDB and migrate the data to ionic storage. No problem with android. But on iOS the pouchDB seems always empty. If I reinstall the ionic 1 version all datas appear again.

I checked the uuid in both version and they are equal. But the filepath changes every time I reinstall my app. It always is something like:


and when I start the app again, with Xcode or console, the number changes to something like:


I don't know if this happens in ionic 1. How can I get the data from pouchDB in my ionic 2 app version?

Ionic 1 version:

_db = new PouchDB('Transactions', {
            adapter: 'websql',
            location: 2

Ionic 2 Version:

this.db = new PouchDB("Transactions", { adapter: "websql" });

I've tried all possible combinations for the location and the iosDatabaseLocation option, even the deprecated options.

Can someone help?

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