I am trying to develop a rest api for my service wherein I set custom http status code depending on authorisation failure. But when I test it out using curl I am receiving 404 instead of 403. I am perplexed as to what might be causing this? Please help.

This is what I see from curl output or swagger UI:

root@ubuntu:~# curl -X GET http://localhost:8082/mr/v1/topic/bhakk -v
Note: Unnecessary use of -X or --request, GET is already inferred.
*   Trying
* Connected to localhost ( port 8082 (#0)
> GET /mr/v1/topic/bhakk HTTP/1.1
> Host: localhost:8082
> User-Agent: curl/7.47.0
> Accept: */*
< HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
< Date: Mon, 07 May 2018 22:00:10 GMT
< Exception: serviceBlockedException
< Content-Type: application/vnd.kafka.v1+json
< Content-Length: 83
< Server: Jetty(9.2.z-SNAPSHOT)
* Connection #0 to host localhost left intact
{"error_code":40301,"message":"This service does not have access to the resource."}

Here is the code:

    public Collection<String> list(@HeaderParam("x-nssvc-serviceid") String serviceID) {
        Date now = new java.util.Date();
        if (! ctx.getSecurityRestrictions().isServiceAllowed(uri, httpHeaders, "Describe", "Cluster", "kafka-cluster"))
          throw Errors.serviceBlockedException(ctx,httpServletResponse);

        List<String> topicsCopy = new ArrayList<String>(topics);
        for (Iterator<String> iterator = topicsCopy.iterator(); iterator.hasNext();) {
          String topic = iterator.next();
          if (! ctx.getSecurityRestrictions().hasAccess (serviceId, "Describe", "Topic", topic)) {

        return topicsCopy;

    public static RestException serviceBlockedException(Context ctx,HttpServletResponse httpServletResponse) {
        httpServletResponse.setStatus(Status.FORBIDDEN.getStatusCode()); <----// here i am setting status code.
  • Seems like your RestNotFoundException is setting the status to 404 somewhere else. – Joakim Erdfelt May 7 '18 at 13:54

Kafka sets the Response 404 status in its RestNotFoundException

See: https://github.com/confluentinc/rest-utils/blob/master/core/src/main/java/io/confluent/rest/exceptions/RestNotFoundException.java

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