I am storing Ideas posted by the application in Firestore. The data is stored in Firestore like this Ideas/{documentID}/IdeaObject. The issue is when I retrieve the data it is not sorted w.r.t time it was posted. The ideas that are retrieved are in according to the id's of their documentID which is automatically create by Firestore. I have used ServerTimestamp in my Model Class and also when I retrieve it, I use the orderBy method with my Firestore reference but still nothing.


public class Idea {
    private Date date;
    private String title, idea, timeCommitment, ideaStage, postedBy, website, videoPitch;
    private int views, favorites;
    private ArrayList<String> lookingFor = new ArrayList<>();
    private ArrayList<String> tags = new ArrayList<>();
    private String userID;
    private String timeStamp;

    public Idea() {

    public Idea(String title, String idea, String timeCommitment, String ideaStage, String postedBy, String website, String videoPitch, int views, int favorites, ArrayList<String> lookingFor, ArrayList<String> tags, String userID, String timeStamp) {
        this.title = title;
        this.idea = idea;
        this.timeCommitment = timeCommitment;
        this.ideaStage = ideaStage;
        this.postedBy = postedBy;
        this.website = website;
        this.videoPitch = videoPitch;
        this.views = views;
        this.favorites = favorites;
        this.lookingFor = lookingFor;
        this.tags = tags;
        this.userID = userID;
        this.timeStamp = timeStamp;

Ideas Posting Method

  private void postIdea() {

        final String ideaID = UUID.randomUUID().toString();
        final SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy.MM.dd.HH.mm.ss");
        Timestamp timestamp = new Timestamp(System.currentTimeMillis());

        Idea ideas = new Idea(title, idea, timeCommitment, ideaStage, AppValues.fullName, website, videoPitch, 0, 0, lookingFor, tags, AppValues.userId, "" + timestamp.getTime());

                .addOnSuccessListener(new OnSuccessListener<Void>() {
                    public void onSuccess(Void aVoid) {
                .addOnFailureListener(new OnFailureListener() {
                    public void onFailure(@NonNull Exception e) {

Retrieving all Ideas by Time

                .orderBy("timeStamp", Query.Direction.ASCENDING)
                .addOnCompleteListener(new OnCompleteListener<QuerySnapshot>() {
                    public void onComplete(@NonNull Task<QuerySnapshot> task) {
                        if (task.isSuccessful()) {

                            ideaArrayList = new ArrayList<>();

                            for (DocumentSnapshot documentSnapshot : task.getResult()) {
                                Idea idea = documentSnapshot.toObject(Idea.class);
                                if (!idea.getUserID().equals(AppValues.userId)) {


                        } else {
                            Log.d(TAG, "Error getting documents: ", task.getException());

What I want to achieve is retrieve all the ideas and have them ordered ascending by the TimeStamp value.

  • Why are you storing both a field called date annotated with @ServerTimestamp and a formatted timeStamp string? Seems like you would just want the @ServerTimestamp value, and make your queries use that. – Doug Stevenson May 8 '18 at 2:25
  • @DougStevenson Can you please specify how can I use the serverTimestamp value in query? I tried using this when I retrieve the data.orderBy("date", Query.Direction.ASCENDING) but still nothing. – Ebad Ali May 8 '18 at 2:30
  • I'd expect that to work. – Doug Stevenson May 8 '18 at 2:37
  • What does "nothing" mean? Does task.getException() return something? – Alex Mamo May 8 '18 at 7:24

You cannot use a String (timeStamp) when querying your database instead of a Date (date) and expect to behave as it was a date. So to solve this, please change the following line of code:

            .orderBy("timeStamp", Query.Direction.ASCENDING)


            .orderBy("date", Query.Direction.ASCENDING)
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In my case, the vanilla version would be,

     .orderBy("timestamp", "asc")

     .orderBy("timestamp", "desc")

"ideas" is the name of your collection

"timestamp" is the key or field or column name to be used for sorting.

"asc" or "desc" is the option to be used for the order

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