I installed my windows service via (name of the service: Testing Service)

InstallUtil.exe present in .NET Framework (:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\FrameWork64\v4) in a windows 7 computer.

I can see my service under services console.

However, i went to programs and features of control panel to manually uninstall the same service, i didn't see my services under programs and features?

Any thoughts why a service will not be shown, so that, user can uninstall it?

I checked the show hidden files too, but still service not shown?

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InstallUtil.exe: As others have stated, InstallUtil.exe is intended for development use only, not for final distribution of your service.

MSI: The normal way to deploy services in the fashion you describe (with a proper entry in add/remove programs) would be to use an MSI installer created using a tool designed to help you do so (it is not advisable to "roll your own" tool to do this).

Ad-Hoc: The ad-hoc description of deployment tools below was written in a hurry, and has sort of been re-purposed as a general description of such tools. Not too relevant for the question asked, but it sort of "happened" and here it is.

Free MSI Tools / Viewers

How can I compare the content of two (or more) MSI files? (towards bottom) - (most of) these are not full-featured tools to make setups, but great to inspect MSI files and to create transforms.

MSI Tools: Short-List

There are many tools you can use for MSI-creation, for example (arbitrary order - links to Stefan Kruger's installsite.org below will show further tools, these are just the most common ones):

WiX - quick download

Advanced Installer - quick download

InstallShield - quick download

  • The old and established market leader tool Installshield features a very rich set of functionality capable of delivering advanced setup requirements.
  • There used to be a Lite version which cost money at one point. Not sure if it is available now.
  • There is an InstallShield Limited Edition version. Unsure of its feature set and cost (if any). Does not work with Visual Studio Community editions.
  • Installing, Controlling, and Configuring Windows Services.

PACE suite - quick download

Visual Studio Installer project type

Auto-Update?: Various ways to create auto-updating packages.

MSI Tools: Comparisons and Descriptions

What are the above tools like in actual use? Here are some pragmatic observations and summaries:

Deployment Tools (General)

There are many further tools available to create create installers / setup.exe files of various kinds (not just MSI tools, but general purpose, legacy tools, multi-platform tools, etc...):

Stefan Kruger's Comprehensive Lists:

Other Links:

Some General Links: And there are various other ways to deploy - for example with self-extracting zip archives and stuff like that. Not recommended, but some links:

  • For WiX it was very hard for me to find a really useful written article. The best introduction (with proper project harvesting) for me is this video: youtube.com/watch?v=6Yf-eDsRrnM
    – Mikołaj
    Dec 23, 2021 at 11:00

InstallUtil only performs actions exposed by your .Net Installer classes, such as registering a service.

It does not perform the "standard" application installation which results in the entries being added into add/remove programs.

To do this, you will need to look at various install builders such as Wix, Installshield, etc.


Installutil.exe (Installer Tool)

The Installer tool is a command-line utility that allows you to install and uninstall server resources by executing the installer components in specified assemblies.

Its job in life is to do exactly that,

To fill in your knowledge you should read through this

Chapter 2. Install/Uninstall

You will notice this is an entirely different concept, and actually has all the information you need (albeit in a very verbose manner)

There are various ways to achieve what you are after, one of them is using out of the box installation software, MSI, click once, or many others. or you could roll your own by using the above resources


There is a Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Installer available via Tools->Extensions and Updates

This official Microsoft Extension provides support for Visual Studio Installer Projects in VS2017


Because I cannot make and edit the most interesting answer, I will add it here:

NSIS Installer - quick download

NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) is a professional open source system to create Windows installers. It is designed to be as small and flexible as possible and is therefore very suitable for internet distribution.

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