According to a tweet by Dan Abramov, CSS modules support is there in create-react-app (CRA). One just needs to give extension of module.css to his stylesheets to enable the feature, but this is not working with me. I am having version 1.1.4 of react-scripts. How can I enable css modules with CRA? Thanks

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    It's only available on cra v2. See github.com/facebook/create-react-app/pull/2285 – riwu May 8 '18 at 13:39
  • did you manga to figure out how to get your app to display correctly on firebase? yarn upgrade react-scripts@latest yielded the same results after i uploaded the new build. – Luke Carelsen Nov 13 '18 at 17:33

You do not need to eject.

Create-React-App supports css modules right out of the box as of version 2, which is now stable.

Upgrade to v2 (react-scripts@latest) by running yarn upgrade react-scripts@latest.

You just have to create a file with the extension .module.css

For example:

.myStyle {
  color: #fff

Then you can use it like so:

import React from 'react'
import styles from 'mycssmodule.module.css'

export default () => <div className={styles.myStyle}>We are styled!</div>
  • I'm using react-scripts@1.1.5 and it doesn't work. Am i using the good version of react-scripts ? – Emidomenge Sep 23 '18 at 9:37
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    @Emidomh next major version will start with 2. Run the command I wrote in the answer if you would like to upgrade. You can see the versions here – Michael McQuade Sep 23 '18 at 10:11

To enable CSS module in to your app, you don't need to eject create-react-app. You can follow these simple steps described in this link to use CSS module in your project.

But in case if you ejected your create-react-app, then you must find file named


open this file and find this {test:cssRegex....etc} in line no. 391 and replace to this changes:

              test: cssRegex,
              exclude: cssModuleRegex,
              use: getStyleLoaders({
              importLoaders: 1,
              modules: true,
              localIdentName: '[name]__[local]__[hash:base64:5]'

Open .js file and import statement like this

import cssStyleClassName from './MyApp.css';

Then this import statement allow you to do following changes in component tags like this

<div className={cssStyleClassName.styleName}></div>

styleName is what you defined in your MyAppStyle.css file

your properties here...

After eject your app, you must restart your local server, sometime changes don't get reflect.

Note In earlier version there were two generated file for production and dev separately. Now in current version one file named "webpack.config.js" file for which you need to concerned for changes. Thank you.

  • New to react here. I think I ejected my create-react-app. I don't have a webpack.config.js file only webpack.config.dev.js and webpack.config.prod.js inside config folder. Do I make webpack.config.js file in the root and add what code? – Vincent Oct 12 at 21:08

You need to eject create-react-app and then in config files for webpack you add these 2 lines enter image description here

And to use it load css to Component you wan't (i keed component and it's css in same folder)

import classes from './SomeComponentStyle.css';


<div className={classes.RedDiv}>

inside SomeComponentStyle.css

.RedDiv {
  /* styles for red div */

You are using version 1.1.4 , so CSS Modules doesn't work by default ... above version 2.0, it works default by changing the css file name to name.module.css.

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