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I have a site on a staging subdomain:

Where 'subdir' is the subdirectory where I'm holding open source (let's say WordPress) files.

The URL that I want on staging should be:

What the Final URL should be once I migrate everything from my subdomain to the client's domain:

So, essentially what I need is the Regular Expression to use in my .htaccess file.

It needs to:

  1. remove the 'subdir' subdirectory from the URL
  2. work on a subdomain (without the '.com')
  3. work on a production domain (with the '.com'
  4. work with and without SSL (https:// + http://)


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If it's WordPress,

RewriteRule .* subdir/index.php [L]

You don't have to write anything for requirements 2, 3, 4. You're rewriting request URIs, the host and protocol are unexamined and unchanged.

If it's not WordPress, then you might need to do something different.

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