I'm currently using this library to perform remote / local sync in an electron app: https://github.com/pouchdb-community/pouchdb-authentication

Is it possible to add a user to a remote couchdb database members group using the signup method?

As of now I have a CouchDB instance with multiple databases. Each one of these databases represents a clinic that has several users with two possible roles: owner (would be database admin) and multiple employees (would be members, for instance, a secretary who would be able to perform basic non admin crud operations).

What I want to accomplish is: Using the signup method, add the user to members security config.

I have read all the docs and it seems to me that you have to be an instance / db admin to accomplish this. I thought about using a lambda function with admin permissions hardcoded when signing up in order to add the said user as a db member and then use pouchdb-authentication to login and operate the database normally but it seems a little hacky. Is this a correct approach?

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