If I have an Observable of Pairs: Observable<Pair<String, String>> source = ... and I call toList() on it to get a list of pairs, is there a way to transform it thereafter to two separate lists - a list of firsts and a list of seconds? Meaning, do something like this but using Rx operators:

Observable<Pair<String, String>> source = ...;
List<String> allFirsts = new ArrayList<>();
List<String> allSeconds = new ArrayList<>();

for (Pair p : source.toList()) {
  • Use share operator so you can split your observable into two others that are sharing upstream val shared = source.toList().share() val first = shared.map{extract first item from pair} val second = shared.map{extract second item from pair} – Than May 8 '18 at 20:35
  • @Than can you rewrite your comment as an answer? That would allow the OP to mark it as accepted. – Bob Dalgleish May 8 '18 at 20:51

collect the items into a Pair<List<String>, List<String>>:

    () -> new Pair<List<String>,List<String>>(
        new ArrayList<String>(), new ArrayList<String>()),
    (collection, pair) -> {
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