In hibernate

Join queries can be mapped with non-entity class . How to map a database query into an Object [in Java]?

<class name=... select="select A.field_a, B.field_b, ... from A, B, ...">

How can I achieve the same thing in JPA/Hibernate ?


In hibernate you can invoke a constructor of any arbitrary class inside the select clause of a query.

@NamedQuery( name = "myScalarQuery" query =
"select new org.stackoverflow.hibernate.QueryResultObject(A.field_a, B.field_b) 
  from A, B
  where a.someUsefulProperty = b.someComparableProperty")

etc. (note fully qualified classname is required)

Then you just need the class the has a matching constructor

public class QueryResultObject {

public QueryResultObject(TypeOfFieldA fieldA, TypeOfFieldB fieldB) {

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    It should be noted that this constructor expression is a feature of JPA generally (going back to Java EE 5 when JPA was split out from the EJB spec). You don't have to use Hibernate to use this functionality. – dcsohl Jul 9 '15 at 15:48
  • Also this is applicable only for JPQL queries and not for native queries – VimalKumar Oct 14 '16 at 15:02

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