How can I find the index of an element within an array?

For example, given

my @weekdays = ['Monday', 'Tuesday', 'Wednesday', 'Thursday', 'Friday', 'Saturday', 'Sunday'];

How could I find the index for 'Thursday'?

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    Awesome! In cases like this, you can post both a question and an answer at the same time. – Christopher Bottoms May 9 at 12:28
  • yes. I will. Thanks. – chenyf May 9 at 15:03

My initial solution:

@weekdays.kv.reverse.hash.{'Thursday'} # 3

Then JFerrero posted his improvement solution using antipairs:

@weekdays.antipairs.hash.{'Thursday'} # 3

And ultimatto posted an adverb solution:

@weekdays.first('Thursday', :k)  # 3

You can use first (or grep, if you want to know about all matches, not just the first one) with :k to return the key (which for a list is always an Integer index) instead of the value:

say @weekdays.first('Tuesday', :k);  # 1

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