I'm trying to figure out how to get the textarea to auto resize using matTextareaAutosize in ngx-formly. It works if I add it to the HTML as below

<textarea matInput matTextareaAutosize></textarea>

I have tried to add to the field object and also templateOptions

      key: 'something',
      type: 'textarea',
      templateOptions: {
        label: 'Something'
      matTextareaAutosize: true,


      key: 'something',
      type: 'textarea',
      templateOptions: {
        label: 'Something',
        matTextareaAutosize: true
  • Have you found a solution yet? – Rex Aug 7 at 10:49
  • if not build in, I think custom template may be the answer. – Rex Aug 7 at 10:51
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At the moment of this post, the matTextareaAutosize property is not build in.

It is very easy to create a custom template. The component look like this:

import { Component, OnInit, ViewChild } from '@angular/core';
import { FieldType } from '@ngx-formly/material';
import { MatInput } from '@angular/material';

  template: `
    <textarea matInput

export class TextareaAutoResizeComponent extends FieldType implements OnInit {
  @ViewChild(MatInput) formFieldControl: MatInput;
  ngOnInit() {

Then define a const for type configuration:

export const textAreaAutoResizeType = {
  name: 'textarea-auto-resize',
  component: TextareaAutoResizeComponent,
  wrappers: ['form-field']

Finally, register the type in module:

imports: [
      types: [textAreaAutoResizeType]

Use it like this in components:

    key: 'note',
    type: 'textarea-auto-resize',
    templateOptions: {
       label: 'Note'

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