I'm trying to rename a DB in pgAdmin 4. But I this get error: ERROR: current database cannot be renamed.

What's the process for renaming a database in pgAdmin (the docs are USELESS)? And google can't provide a solution.


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Using pgAdmin 4,

1) switch to the dashboard view

2) select the database to be renamed, right-click it and select Disconnect Database

3) Again select the database to be renamed, right-click it and select properties

4) change the name of the database in the Database field -click save

enter image description here

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    This does not work, as the database will reconnect with every right-click. even when opening this dialogue and disconnecting the DB afterwards, renaming will lead to a prompt showing connection lost.
    – n1cK
    Commented Mar 21 at 12:05
  • As soon as the database is right-clicked, it connects and this doesn't work - did you go through with it in the screenshot example?
    – PandaWood
    Commented May 8 at 9:01
  • Yup still works for me.
    – KenBuckley
    Commented May 20 at 10:15

right click on db name and Properties, then change the name and click Saveenter image description here:

Or just click on other db (eg postgres), open query tool and run

alter database "old" rename to "new";

You are probably trying to rename the database you are connected to. Switch to a different db and then execute the ALTER command.

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