I'm trying to use Windows performance counters to monitor machine health as part of my application. I have some DataCollectors configured to write out data to either CSV or BLG format. However, I note that timestamps do not have TZ information per sample timestamp, just once per file. This means in a single file of data I will see things like:

"(PDH-CSV 4.0) (GMT Standard Time)(-60)","\\MACHINE-NAME\% C2 Time"
"10/29/2017 01:59:44.562","88.359340674585567"
"10/29/2017 01:59:59.562","93.754278507632279"
"10/29/2017 01:00:14.562","89.834673388599242"
"10/29/2017 01:00:29.563","94.014449309223536"

Similarly in the transition the other way you see a missing hour of data (which is harder to disambiguate vs a machine being offline for that hour).

I thought perhaps the binary data might store more information, so I created the same metrics in BLG format too, and used PowerShell to read the information back. However, in that case I still can't get timezone information per timestamp. E.g.,

# $counters = Import-Counter -Path mysamples.blg

# $counters[10].Timestamp
29 October 2017 01:59:59

# $counters[11].Timestamp
29 October 2017 01:00:14

# $counters[10].Timestamp.IsDaylightSavingTime()
# $counters[11].Timestamp.IsDaylightSavingTime()

# $counters[10].Timestamp.ToFileTimeUtc()
# $counters[11].Timestamp.ToFileTimeUtc()

Is there any way to get the correct TZ information associated with a timestamp in performance counter data, or is there a way to add a UTC time to the log rather than a TZ offset timestamp?

  • Ran into this same issue and stumbled on your post looking for a solution. Dangit. I do know it's possible to do the UTC calculation as the data is recorded. Also, the PerfCounter data tends to have a parallel WMI table Win32_PerfRawData table which displays the timestamps in UTC time, so someone somewhere knows how to do the conversion. – Daniel Widdis Aug 19 at 18:58

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