I'm trying do pass to my component data but I have still problem:

 htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given 

From backend I have array :

         return [
        self::DATA1 => 'data1',
        self::DATA2 => 'data2'

And here is my component with props:

    <member-edit :rate-types="{{$rateTypes}}"></member-edit>

I have still problem. In my component I tryed to tell prop that it is going to be Array but It doesn't work :

 props: {
        rateTypes: Array

Where is my mistake?


The problem is you are trying to print an Array ($rateTypes variable) as a String in your blade template and this causes the error.

You can print the array on the blade template using json_encode() and then Vuejs can use it, like this:

<member-edit :rate-types="{{ json_encode($rateTypes) }}"></member-edit>

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