I want to execute a curl with command in python.

Usually, I just need enter the command in terminal and press return key.

The command shows below:

curl -H "`oauth2l header --json key.json mobileinsights`"  https://mobileinsights.googleapis.com/v2/networks

The result is in json format.


Use the subprocess module to run your shell command.

import subprocess
result = subprocess.check_output('curl -H "`oauth2l header --json 
key.json mobileinsights`" https://mobileinsights.googleapis.com/v2/networks', shell=True)

Then, use the json module to parse the JSON data returned by the server.

import json
result_json = json.loads(result) 
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You may load an OS and JSON load modules and then run os.execute(curl URL) store it in any variable then convert it into JSON format with JSON load module

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