I'm trying to extract the pixel coordinates from a given cv::KeyPoint. This class has a variable named pt of type cv::Point2f which is simply a tuple containing two floats.

I'm not sure casting the cv::Point2f to cv::Point2i works since I cannot find in the docs what are these float numbers representing.

I'm trying to do this in python, but I can't find a proper OpenCV 3 documentation for python neither.

My code:

import cv2

feature_detector = cv2.xfeatures2d.SURF_create()
key_points = feature_detector.detect(img, None)

# this is a list of float tuples e.g. (100.3224, 451.2334)
float_coordinates = list(map(lambda key_point: key_point.pt))  

# pixel_coordinates = ?

Answering my own question:

Looks like cv::Point2f are sub-pixel coordinates. Just rounding the floats to the nearest ints should work just fine.

There's an OpenCV function that already does this called cv::cvRound.

This is in fact what OpenCV does in its function cv::_drawKeypoint in /modules/features2d/src/draw.cpp

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