Recently I have encounter an issue about django web site served by gunicorn and the worker_class is gevent.

The PostgreSQL database often complain too many connections, In django's settings.py I have set the database CONN_MAX_AGE to 6, so django will reuse the database connection within 6 seconds. But I found that django is not reusing them.

after some digging I found someone say that the async worker of gunicorn will cause this problem:

Persistent database connections with async workers on Django >= 1.6 fails

Don't use Gunicorn to host your Django sites on Heroku

But I guess that's the correct reason, but I don't know why.

Is there anyone can analysis this problem from the principle of async worker or the source code of gunicorn and explain this?

After reviewing the source code of django db module, I know that django save the database connection in ConnectionHandler()._connections which is a theading.local(), and will reuse it if it is not out of date. because of theading.local(), so it is thread separated.

But I think the async worker handle the request asynchronously and is within one single thread, so I don't know why async worker would cause this problem.

any suggestion will be helpful.

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