I have two modules installed:


And I want to keep 0.7.5 only. Don't know how to uninstall the lower version one.

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    You should be able to do it using zef uninstall, including the version number. Did you try that? learningperl6.com/2016/12/15/… – jjmerelo May 10 at 10:25
  • I reinstalled my Rakudo Star, and use zef install . instead. I will try your answer if possible. – chenyf May 10 at 12:28
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Try this:

zef uninstall "Cro::HTTP:ver<0.7.4>"

(The quotes are important.)

  • I used single quotes, seems don't work. – chenyf May 10 at 12:27
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    Both work on my system (Linux): $ zef uninstall "Unix::errno:ver<0.0.2>" ===> Uninstalled from /home/claudio/.perl6 Unix::errno:ver<0.0.2>:auth<cpan:ELIZABETH> $ zef uninstall 'Unix::errno:ver<0.0.1>' ===> Uninstalled from /home/claudio/.perl6 Unix::errno:ver<0.0.1>:auth<cpan:ELIZABETH> – nxadm May 10 at 12:37
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    thanks, it does work now, with errors:WARNING: unhandled Failure detected in DESTROY. If you meant to ignore it, you can mark it as handled by calling .Bool, .so, .not, or .defined methods. The Failure was: Failed to remove the directory '/Applications/Rakudo/share/perl6/site/short/42832B74025148AE494D735B0EB7559AE2B37D17': Failed to rmdir: directory not empty – chenyf May 10 at 12:53
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    It looks like zef won't remove directories that are not empty. This is a sane default. For modules though, where no user data is expected, I think a 'rm -rf'-like behaviour would be OK. Maybe, create an issue to discuss it at github.com/ugexe/zef/issues ? – nxadm May 10 at 13:13

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