I configure Custom Access Logging for Amazon API Gateway and I need to specify CloudWatch Group name, but when I put these just name of log group in format like "API-Gateway-Execution-Logs_3j5w5m7kv9/stage-name" I get such error:

Invalid ARN specified in the request. ARNs must start with 'arn:': API-Gateway-Execution-Logs_3j5w5m7kv9/stage-name

When I open page of this log group in CloudWatch I just see the same name there and don't see ARN value. How can I find it?

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Go to Cloudwatch logs, find your log group, open it and you'll see a list of log streams. There is settings icon on top right: enter image description here

Click it and you'll see an option to show stream arn:

enter image description here

Save the settings and you'll see stream arns. The part before semicolon looks like Log Group arn

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    Just a note, you need only the ARN part before :log-stream:<stream_id>.
    – Yuri
    Apr 16, 2019 at 8:20

The CloudWatch Group ARN format is arn:aws:logs:{region}:{account-id}:log-group:API-Gateway-Execution-Logs_{rest-api-id}/{stage-name}, cf. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/apigateway/latest/developerguide/set-up-logging.html


See this documentation


You can also use AWS CLI

aws logs describe-log-groups | grep <log_group_name> | awk '/arn/'


2022 Update

Select your log group:

enter image description here

Click Log Group Details:

enter image description here

Copy the ARN:

enter image description here


Or you could do a aws logs describe-log-groups | grep <name_of_group>

That works too.

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