Have a string like A=B&C=D&E=F, how to remove C=D part and get the string like A=B&E=F?

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    Be more specific: which assumptions are made on input string and which rules determine the part to be removed. Just this one example would give you trivial and non-helpful suggestions like "don't remove anything and use a constant string "A=B&E=F" instead". – Imre Pühvel Feb 17 '11 at 10:51

Either just replace it away:

input.Replace("&C=D", "");

or use one of the solutions form your previous question, remove it from the data structure and join it back together.

Using my code:

var input = "A=B&C=D&E=F";
var output = input
                .Split(new string[] {"&"}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)
                .Select(s => s.Split('=', 2))
                .ToDictionary(d => d[0], d => d[1]);

output.Select(kvp => kvp.Key + "=" + kvp.Value)
      .Aggregate("", (s, t) => s + t + "&").TrimRight("&");
using System.Web; // for HttpUtility

NameValueCollection values = HttpUtility.ParseQueryString("A=B&C=D&E=F");
values.ToString();  // "A=B&E=F"
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    It looks like the question is about URL parameters, so I like that you're pointing them towards HttpUtility – Wilka Feb 17 '11 at 11:21

I think you need to give a clearer example to make sure it's something for the situation, but something like this should do that:

var testString = "A=B&C=D&E=F"
var stringArray = testString.Split('&');
var output = String.Join("&", stringArray);

Something like that should work, and should be pretty dynamic


You can either split() and manually join (depending how the data looks like) or simly use string.Replace(,string.empty)


Split it on the & separator, exclude the C=D part by some mechanism, then join the remaining two? The String class provides the methods you'd need for that, including splitting, joining and substring matching.

string xyz = "A=B&C=D&E=F";
string output = xyz.Replace("&C=D","");

Output: A=B&E=F

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