Already for a hole year I try time to time again to create a windows window in nodejs to get the native handl and listen to incoming messages.

I used as a workaround an electron window. But creating a full-blown browser just to listen to windows native messages is not a solution. Also, There are too many problems with native addons and electron.

I don't have experiences in writing native addons or event just writing c++/c code.

Does anybody have a solution for this? The problem is, I have an api which requires to send the hwnd of a window to a program and then it sends native messages to the window.


Use IPCRender to communicate icpMain.on to listen and ipcRenderer.send to send.

BrowserWindow1 -> BrowserCode -> BrowserWindow2

enter image description here

  • Yeah but I want to get away from electron. Also I am not talking abour communicating between electron main process and main window. – Noim May 26 '18 at 8:06

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