We are using the Intern 4 library and the dojo module for our auto-test on BrowserStack 'Automate'. The partial error log on our end as follows:

Error: [GET https://(redacted)@hub.browserstack.com:443/wd/hub/session/f5aa6f366ad78a7d820d2aa55130d5cb38241ebe/element/118/text] connect ETIMEDOUT 2018-05-10T16:46:10.8989588Z at Server.get 2018-05-10T16:46:10.8989876Z at runRequest 2018-05-10T16:46:10.8990131Z at Task_1.default.cancelled 2018-05-10T16:46:10.8990437Z at new Task 2018-05-10T16:46:10.8990719Z at InitializedProxiedSession.Session._delegateToServer

It seems our test sent the REST API call but did not get anything in return therefore triggered the timeout.

Any suggestions how to fix it? Thanks very much!

  • From the endpoint, it seems you were trying to do a get text when the timeout occurred. please update your question with the code to reproduce this – BountyHunter May 11 '18 at 5:50

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