I'm trying to evaluate some JavaScript in my iOS app using JSContext. It's working well however I am not able to catch console.log() statements. How can I get the results of these function calls so I can print them in Swift as well?

Example Code

    let jsSource = "var testFunct = function(message) { console.log(\"kud\"); return \"Test Message: \" + message;}"

    let context = JSContext()

    let testFunction = context?.objectForKeyedSubscript("testFunct")
    let result = testFunction?.call(withArguments: ["the message"])

Example Logs

Test Message: the message


In case anyone is struggling with the same thing, here's the answer in Swift 4.

    let javascriptContext = JSContext()

    javascriptContext?.evaluateScript("var console = { log: function(message) { _consoleLog(message) } }")
    let consoleLog: @convention(block) (String) -> Void = { message in
        print("console.log: " + message)
    javascriptContext?.setObject(unsafeBitCast(consoleLog, to: AnyObject.self), forKeyedSubscript: "_consoleLog" as (NSCopying & NSObjectProtocol)!)

Now you can call console.log() in any subsequent evaluateScript calls javascriptContext.

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