im trying to install the Elastic APM with Elasticsearch, Kibana and the APM server as 3 services with docker-compose. Now im getting confused on how to set the IPs in the app-server.yml file with the documentation APM Server Configuration. The file should look like this:

  host: localhost:8200

    hosts: ElasticsearchAddress:9200

I tried to set ElasticsearchAddress to localhost or but I always get errors like Failed to connect: Get dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused or Failed to connect: Get http://localhost:9200: dial tcp [::1]:9200: connect: cannot assign requested address. I also tried it with several other ips.

Does anyone know how to configure the app server correctly or are there any docker-compose files to do the installation correctly?

Thanks for ur help


If you are starting all the services with single docker compose file, the app-server.yaml should have the value like this output: elasticsearch: hosts: elasticsearch:9200 The "hosts: elasticsearch:9200" should be service name of the elasticsearch you mentioned in the docker-compose. Like in the followiing

version: '2' services: elasticsearch: image: elasticsearch:latest


When you bring up containers using compose, each container has its own networking stack (so they can each talk to themselves on localhost, but they need an ip address or dns name to talk to a different container!).

Compose by default connects each of the containers to a default network and gives each a dns name with the name of the service.

If your compose file looks like

    image: apm_image
     image: elasticsearch:latest

A process in the apm container could access elasticsearch at http://elasticsearch:9200

  • Thanks for you help. Its working now! – Hector Lorenzo May 11 '18 at 6:14

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