now, i get list Units from Database:

    var sections = scheduler.serverList("type");
       $list = new OptionsConnector($res, $dbtype);
$scheduler = new schedulerConnector($res, $dbtype);
$scheduler->set_options("type", $list);

But i want some query from Database for this. No render all values from Databases, just result from "Select *******" Is it possible? Render_sql? Thank you advance


you can use render_sql method for this:

$list = new OptionsConnector($res, $dbtype);
   "SELECT * FROM doctors WHERE someColumn > " .$list->sql->escape("someValue") . " AND anotherColumn < ". $list->sql->escape("anotherValue"),

$scheduler = new schedulerConnector($res, $dbtype);
$scheduler->set_options("type", $list);

The first parameter takes the sql query, and the rest parameters are the same as in render_table. Also note that connectors don't support parameterized queries, but you can use $connector->sql->escape method if you need to insert request values into the query

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