Afaik, y-axis cant be made to auto scale when using x-range sliders. Y range is chosen with respect to the y values of the whole x range and does not change after zooming-in. This is especially annoying with candlestick charts in volatile periods. When you zoom-in using x-range slider, you essentially get flat candlesticks as their fluctuations only cover a very small part of the initial range. After doing some research it seems that some progress has been made here: https://github.com/plotly/plotly.js/pull/2364. Anyone knows if there is a working solution for plotly.py ? Thanks for your time.


If it can help, I am using fixedrange = False on yaxis, to be able to zoom manually and adapt the window to the suited y range:

yaxis = dict(
     fixedrange = False

The only solution I could find was to remove the slider and then you can just use the regular zoom tool.

layout = go.Layout(
    xaxis = dict(
        rangeslider = dict(
            visible = False

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