I am trying to covert pb file to tlite file using the below command:

bazel run //tensorflow/contrib/lite/toco:toco --input_file=sample.pb --output_file=sample.tlite

I am getting the below error: Error: Skipping //tensorflow/contrib/lite/toco:toco: Build file not found on package path.

I have tensorflow and toco installed under Python folder. What is the right path to be given for Bazel run command?


Having toco installed in python doesn't work. You have to execute this command in the tensorflow source directory. See https://www.tensorflow.org/install/install_sources for the necessary instructions regarding dependencies and configuration.

Also note that you'll need a "--" between the bazel args and the command args:

bazel run //tensorflow/contrib/lite/toco:toco -- --input_file=sample.pb --output_file=sample.tlite

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