I am trying to build an electronic mothers day card for my mom and am trying to make a message that i am going to display on the screen. However when I use a variable to store it as a string, I am not able to get it like this:

Dear mom, (new line) ....

Instead the words in the second line don't seem to be included in the quotations (they are not green in my editor like the rest). Here is my code:

card = "Dear mom,
        Happy mothers day!"

Any help would be appreciated.



card = "Dear mom, \r Happy mothers day!"

card = 'Dear mom,\nHappy mothers day!'


output will be

'Dear mom,\n Happy mothers day!'


output will be

Dear mom,
Happy mothers day!

hope that helps


You can use triple quotes:

card = """Dear Mom,
Happy Mother's Day!"""

See python docs

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