I have a invite link of private channel, and I wanna forwards (or delivery) posts from this channel to me. My desired pseudo code is like below.

def get_channel(bot, update):

updater = Updater(my_token)
channel_handler = MessageHandler(Filters.text, get_channel, 
channel_post_updates=True, invite_link='http://t.me/aa23faba22939bf')

This works well when my bot is in the channel which I created(invite_link is added for my purpose. I don't know where invite_link should be input). But what I want is that my bot forwards posts from channel in which my bot is 'not' included. I prefer python, but any API will be ok. I searched all the google world but have no clues.. Any tips appreciated.

  • Are your bot admin? – Sean May 13 '18 at 1:35
  • Sean/ Yes of course I am the admin of bot. And I found a solution in telethon API : target_channel = client.get_entity(' invite link after t.me '), the remained problem is that I should extract messages from entity 'target_channel'. – Tactile0409 May 13 '18 at 5:45

I found a solution with Telethon library. It works for me(http://telethon.readthedocs.io/en/latest/extra/advanced-usage/update-modes.html)

def callback(update):
    print('I received', update)

client = TelegramClient('session', api_id, api_hash,
                        update_workers=1, spawn_read_thread=False)

client.idle()  # ends with Ctrl+C

In callback function you can filter only channel posts or group messages.


If you want to forward message (of any kind) from channel (doesn't matter if it's private or public) to any other chat:

  1. add your bot to channel (notes that, bots are only added as an admin to channel and have admin privileges)

  2. following code (in python) will do the Forwarding:

     from telegram import Bot
     def forward(update, context):
         chat_id = update.effective_chat.id
         bot = Bot(token=TOKEN)
         bot.forward_message(chat_id = chat_id,
                             from_chat_id = channel_id,
                             message_id = (number))

    the above code, will forward message from 'from_chat_id' to 'chat_id' (is the user's chat_id which ask the query)

  3. channel_id is just simply the channel's telegram invite link (which start with @)

  4. message_id is the unique number of the message which is in the channel. If you right-click on the message inside the channel, and select 'Copy Post Link' and paste it somewhere, is something like this: https://t.me/c/123456789/2040

    (123456789 is the link of private channel. If this was a public channel, instead of '123456789', there was channel's public address which starts with @)

  5. the message id is: 2040, not the whole.

refrence: https://python-telegram-bot.readthedocs.io/en/stable/telegram.bot.html#telegram.Bot.forward_message

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