I've just started playing around with JetBrains Rider IDE using one of my existing ASP.NET MVC projects. When attempting to create a new Razor View from template, I've been unable to find any templates which refer to Razor as stated here. These are all the templates I can see when adding a file template to a chosen folder.

Am I missing something like a plugin, nuget etc...? If worst comes to worst, then I don't mind creating them, it's just a slight annoyance that it clearly states they should be there.

  • OS: Windows 10 Build 17134
  • JetBrains Rider: 2018.1 Build #RD-181.4379.1191, built on April 14, 2018


I've raised this with JetBrains support and so far they've advised that some predefined templates (Razor being one) are only available in subfolders of Views folder. More info can be found here. Sadly it's still not working for me but thought I'd add as it may help someone.

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It's a bug! It's seems to be okay when creating a new solution but then at corrupts the template analytics when updating nugets and/or adding OWIN (I'm guessing the Startup.cs in the root of the project has something to do with it as well).

YouTrack: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-469774

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