I get that message every time when trying to install zapier-cli. Can someone help me with solving the issue?

enter image description here

I think you need to manually install ajv or update it to version 6 if you already have a lower version installed

npm i ajv

I had a similar issue so I installed it manually and everything worked for me

David here, from the Zapier Platform team. It looks like this is a bug with npm itself. Updating npm (npm i -g npm) or manually installing ajv (npm i -g ajv@6) should resolve the warning.

  • npm 6.2.0 does not issue an error message the first time (when no node_modules is present) but if you run npm install again, the message appears. – youri Jul 30 at 11:58

Problems: npm WARN ajv-keywords@3.2.0 requires a peer of ajv@^6.0.0 but none is installed.
You must install peer dependencies yourself.
You missed the dependencies of ajv@^6.0.0, Just install it by this way:

npm install ajv@^6.0.0

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