This is what my list of maps looks like:

Map = [#{votes=>3, likes=>20, views=> 100},#{votes=>0, likes=>1, views=> 70},#{votes=>1, likes=>14, views=> 2000}].

I would like to return a summary of all map entries. I have attempted to solve this with fun()s but the logic does not make sense, and I only got non-executeable code.

The problem is that one cannot change variables in Erlang, otherwise this would work:

Summary = #{
[maps:update(Key, maps:get(Key, MapItem) + maps:get(Key, Summary), Summary) || MapItem <- Map, Key <- [votes, likes, views]].

How ought one go about this and successfully summarize the values of a list of maps?

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The functions of fold family are designed to be used in such situations. In your case the following code calculates the map containing totals of entries in maps in the list:

MapsList = [#{votes=>3, likes=>20, views=> 100},
            #{votes=>0, likes=>1, views=> 70},
            #{votes=>1, likes=>14, views=> 2000}],
Summary = lists:foldl(fun (Map, AccL) ->
    maps:fold(fun (Key, Value, Acc) ->
        Acc#{Key => Value + maps:get(Key, Acc, 0)}
    end, AccL, Map)
end, #{}, MapsList)

Summary value is the map #{votes => 4, likes => 35, views => 2170}.

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