I pass data to a func with input type interface.

This code:

    SampleData := Input{
    Recipients: []string{"abc","efg"},
    Msg:        string("Test message"),

type Input struct {
    Recipients []string
    Msg        string
    sender      string
type Output struct {
    Recipients    []string
    Msg           string
    reciver     string
func InsertInSendTBL(Data interface{}) {
    DataInput := reflect.ValueOf(Data)
    NewVal := Output{
        Recipients: DataInput.FieldByName("Recipients").([]string{}),//LINE ERORE
        Msg:        DataInput.FieldByName("Msg").String(),
        sender:     "1000",

One of my struct fields is slice of string. I searched in reflect package but not found anything so I use ".([]string{})" . Result is this error:

invalid type assertion: DataInput.FieldByName("Recipients").(composite literal) (non-interface type reflect.Value on left)

so I try interface in reflect But another error

cannot use DataInput.FieldByName("Recipients").Interface() (type interface {}) as type []string in field value: need type assertion

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You need to combine your two attempts:

sliceOfString, ok := DataInput.FieldByName("Recipients").Interface().([]string)
if !ok {
    panic("Not a []string!")
  • Oh shit.It was so easy.Thanks @Flimzy – elham anari May 14 at 7:48

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