I am using R to do multiple imputation and would like to do a regression on the imputed results in R.

The code from Stata is the following:

mi estimate, dots: regress Direct_Violence gender threat political edu1 edu2 edu3 ///
inc1 inc2 year03 year04 rel1 rel2 rel3 age [iweight=weight]

This is just a simple regression of a dataset that I imputed in Stata.

Does anyone know how to reproduce this code in R with the iweight? I have a variable in my dataset called weight, and according to Stata:

iweights, or importance weights, are weights that indicate the "importance" of the observation in some vague sense. iweights have no formal statistical definition; any command that supports iweights will define exactly how they are treated. Usually, they are intended for use by programmers who want to produce a certain computation

  • With regress importance weights appear to be treated as if they were frequency weights. So, it's unlikely that you need anything exotic in R, just how to feed frequency weights to a regression. Conversely, you must have some rationale for specifying importance weights in Stata, but you do not say what it is. I don't see that the context of imputation changes that detail. – Nick Cox May 14 at 10:44

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