I am using classic Eclipse 3.6.1. I have a Java project which is throwing an exception because of a stack overflow. Unlike other editors, when I hover my mouse pointer on a variable it does not show me the value of that variable. Here are the settings in

Combined Hover - Shift
Variable Values - Ctrl
Source - Shift+Ctrl

But this doesn't seem to be working. I have seen threads by others about this same problem but could not find a solution. Is this a bug that hasn't been fixed yet?


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Go to Window - Preferences - Java - Editor - Hovers.

Is "Combined Hover" selected? Uncheck it; apply; close the window; restart debugging session; go back; check it again; apply.
If the above doesn't help, you can check "Variable Values" option and specify a modifier key for it. Not as convenient as "combined", but should work.

The problem gets "fixed" by renaming the package.

For whatever reason, this refactoring triggers something in Eclipse, and immediately I was able to view variable values during debugging. Also, when I go back into Preferences under Hovers, I can now see the "Variable Values" option.

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  • I added a modifier, and I am able to use the modifier to see the variable values. But, its a pain. The normal hover keeps going to javadoc or method signature. – Teddy Nov 20 '17 at 6:30

In my case Preferences under Hovers were checked and enabled. Even after that it was not showing values when I move the mouse on the variable. Problem has been fixed by simply closing and reopening the Eclipse (I was using Eclipse with Python).

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