I'm using pywinauto and I want to select text from one of the properties. However, I can't figure out how to access it.

import pywinauto
pwa_app = pywinauto.application.Application()
path = r'C:\Users\me\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client\vpnui.exe'
w_handle = pywinauto.findwindows.find_windows(title=u'Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client', class_name='#32770')[0]
window = pwa_app.window_(handle=w_handle)

Control Identifiers:

Dialog - 'Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client'    (L1421, T493, R1854, B690)
['Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client', 'Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility ClientDialog', 'Dialog']
child_window(title="Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client", class_name="#32770")
   | #32770 - ''    (L1441, T535, R1834, B647)
   | ['#32770', 'VPN:#32770']
   | child_window(class_name="#32770")
   | Static - 'VPN:'    (L1527, T548, R1551, B561)
   | ['Static', 'VPN:Static', 'VPN:', 'Static0', 'Static1']
   | child_window(title="VPN:", class_name="Static")
   | ComboBox - 'Brock AppDMZ VPN'    (L1527, T594, R1719, B615)
   | ['ComboBox', 'Connected to Brock AppDMZ VPN.ComboBox', 'VPN:ComboBox', 'ComboBox0', 'ComboBox1', 'Connected to Brock AppDMZ VPN.ComboBox0', 'Connected to Brock AppDMZ VPN.ComboBox1']
   | child_window(title="Brock AppDMZ VPN", class_name="ComboBox")
   | Edit - 'Brock AppDMZ VPN'    (L1530, T597, R1699, B612)
   | ['Connected to Brock AppDMZ VPN.Edit', 'Edit']
   | child_window(title="Brock AppDMZ VPN", class_name="Edit")
   | ComboBox - ''    (L1527, T594, R1719, B615)
   | ['ComboBox2', 'Connected to Brock AppDMZ VPN.ComboBox2']
   | child_window(class_name="ComboBox")

I want to access the value "Connected to Brock AppDMZ VPN" in order to determine whether I'm connected to my VPN but the documentation on this library isn't super clear about how to do this.

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    And yeah, some code from SWAPY is detected. It tends to put constructions using low level function find_windows though app.connect(title="...") makes the same job in one line. SWAPY was good till pywinauto==0.5.4, but not maintained any more. :( By the way, please use .set_focus(), we found SetFocus() might be empty for default win32 backend and it's deprecated anyway. Use PEP8 complaint names. – Vasily Ryabov May 14 '18 at 21:41

The output of print_control_identifiers() is incomplete (the target text label is not listed here, there are 3 static texts on the window), but fortunately I have the same Cisco VPN client on my PC. The problem is that this "static" text is dynamic. :) There are 2 ways how to handle this situation.

1) Just create a window specification and check if this window exists:

connected_label = window.child_window(title="Connected to Brock AppDMZ VPN.", class_name="Static")

# default timeout is pywinauto.timings.Timings.window_find_timeout (5 sec.)
if connected_label.exists(timeout=10):
    pass # do whatever you want

2) Rely on the number of this static text and check its text every time you need the status of connection:

label = window.child_window(class_name="Static", found_index=1).wait('exists')

if label.window_text() == "Connected to Brock AppDMZ VPN.":
    pass # do whatever you want
  • That's perfect, thanks for your help! – Walt Reed May 14 '18 at 22:04
label = window.child_window(class_name="Static", found_index=1).wait('exists')
print label.get_value()

Try this, <element>.get_value() hope this will get you the text required.

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