In my log a date is saved in the form of May 01 11:01:30 2018. In grep I can not give specific dates such as grep "May 0[1-8]".

How can I do a grep or other search command which searches the log 7 days back from the current date?

Example: Current date - 7 days back

If it is possible? Or simple script?

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Depending on further goals you try to achieve, type of logs and complexity, it might be necessary to write a small script.

You may have a look into How to get all the log lines between two dates ranges in Linux. For quick reference I'll provide my answer here too:

An other approach I am using frequently for log files from Java applications is to find the line number of the first occurrence of the time stamps

FROM_DATE="Wed 21 Mar 14:52:08"
TO_DATE=""Wed 21 Mar 14:53:08"

FROM_LINE=$(grep -n -m 1 ${FROM_DATE} ${FILE} | cut -d ":" -f 1)
TO_LINE=$(grep -n -m 1 ${TO_DATE} ${FILE} | cut -d ":" -f 1)

then give out the information between, i.e.

tail -n "${FROM_LINE}" ${FILE} | head -n $(expr $TO_LINE - $FROM_LINE)

or via

sed -n -e "${FROM_LINE},${TO_LINE} p" -e "${TO_LINE} q" ${FILE}

This will catch up stack traces, REST API content, JSON structures, etc.

For certain applications like from the Hadoop framework, I have specific scripts to work with their log files.


I'd do something like this: grep -A 100000 "$(date +'%b %d' -d '-7 days')" myservice.log

Where you could insert something larger than 1000000 if you need more lines.

The date command argument +'%b %d' gives you the format you want and the argument -d '-7 days' gives you the date from 7 days ago. grep -A then gives you the first match and 100000 lines after the last match on your file.

  • Good catch @exic. Might not be feasible for some of my logs of the Hadoop framework, but for a lot of others. – U880D May 15 '18 at 11:16

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