Whenever I try to build any perl recipes for conda (example), I get the following type of error:

$ conda build /home/conda/recipes/perl-module-build/
+ source /home/conda/miniconda2/bin/activate /home/conda/miniconda2/conda-bld/perl-module-build_1526324675451/_t_env
+ /home/conda/miniconda2/conda-bld/perl-module-build_1526324675451/_t_env/bin/python -s /home/conda/miniconda2/conda-bld/perl-module-build_1526324675451/test_tmp/run_test.py
  File "/home/conda/miniconda2/conda-bld/perl-module-build_1526324675451/test_tmp/run_test.py", line 2
    import Module::Build
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
TESTS FAILED: perl-module-build-0.4224-pl5.20.3_0

The contents of run_test.py are all import statements:

$ cat /home/conda/miniconda2/conda-bld/perl-module-build_1526324675451/test_tmp/run_test.py 
print("import: u'Module::Build'")
import Module::Build

The issue appears to be Python taking issue with the import statement, but I am not sure what I should be doing given that all the perl recipes I've found use the same kind of lines in their meta.yaml files (can see the full meta.yaml for the example above here), i.e.

        - Module::Build

What am I missing? I am running conda-build version 2.1.10 and python2.7 on a Docker image with CentOS6 for reasons having to do with computing cluster compatibility. I can provide the image and commands if needed.

  • I may well be missing something here as I'm not familiar with Conda, and if so I'd be grateful if you enlightened me. I'm not clear how you expect to import Perl modules into Python code. I imagine that Python is getting upset about the colons in the module name. Package and module names should look like a standard Python identifier, perhaps with dot separators, and even digits are discouraged. Even if the statement was valid, Python doesn't stand a chance of understanding the Perl code in the .pm file. – Borodin May 15 '18 at 20:48
  • 1
    For conda recipes you write a build.sh file which builds the software, and a meta.yaml file which has other information like what dependencies are needed and what tests to run. I didn't expect to import Perl modules into Python code, but for some reason the meta.yaml parsed testing Perl import statements as Python ones, which led to my question. I just found the answer however, it was a bug in conda that was fixed in later versions: github.com/conda/conda-build/issues/1967 – august May 15 '18 at 21:23
  • 1
    Ah I see. Thank you. Please would you write up your solution as an answer? You can then accept it yourself to mark the question as being resolved. – Borodin May 15 '18 at 21:38


It was a bug in conda that was patched later on: https://github.com/conda/conda-build/issues/1967

Instead of the meta.yaml parsing Perl import test statements as Perl, it was parsing them as Python.

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