I have the following tables in Postgres: questions, responses and question_response. There is a many to many relationship between questions and responses.


CREATE TABLE questions( 
    question VARCHAR(255)


CREATE TABLE responses( 
    response VARCHAR(255)

question_respone.sql #

CREATE TABLE question_response(
    question_id bigint REFERENCES questions ON DELETE CASCADE,
    response_id bigint REFERENCES responses ON DELETE CASCADE,
    PRIMARY KEY ( question_id, response_id)

I have the following data in questions table

id | question
 1   Rate the effectiveness of the program?
 2   Rate the ease of learning?
 3   Rate the duration ?
// there are a list of 20 questions 

and in responses table

id | response
 100   Poor
 200   Average
 300   Good
 400   Excellent

How do I write a query of function in Postgres to insert the following data in question_response table.

question_id | response_id

         1   100
         1   200
         1   300
         1   400
         2   100
         2   200
         2   300
         2   400
         3   100
         3   200
         3   300
         3   400
         4   100
         4   200
         4   300
         4   400
        ......... etc for all 20 questions
insert  into question_response
select  q.id
,       r.id
from    responses r
cross join
        questions q

Example at SQL Fiddle.

  • 1
    the lst table is in responses table ... – Radim Bača May 15 at 18:50
  • 1
    @RadimBača: Good point, updated in answer – Andomar May 15 at 18:52
  • @Andomar thanks for the help. I am trying to extract the questions and responses by referencing their ids in the question_response table but I the following error. Not sure what If I am missing something here. select q1.question, r1.response from questions q1, responses r1, question_reponse qr where q1.id = qr.question_id and r1.id = qr.response_id group by q1.question; ERROR: relation "question_reponse" does not exist LINE 1: ...on, r1.response from questions q1, responses r1, question_r... – Sambhav May 15 at 19:18
  • The error says the relation (another name for a table) does not exist. But the relation is named question_response in your question... are you sure it has that name in the database? – Andomar May 15 at 19:20
  • @Andomar I think I got it. There was a typo in the query. Sorry about that – Sambhav May 15 at 22:58

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