I have a shape like this
(Don't pay attention to green circle, arrows and pink vertices yet)

I want to subdivide mesh at random point. For example I want to create a smaller circle inside the big one. I'm choosing a random point (Green dot inside green circle) and place new points around one in some given radius and remove triangles of original mesh where my points are placed. Then I removing vertices outside of my mesh. I need to create 2 or more (not in that case) vertices on edges and then simply to create triangles to connect all of those vertices.

All I have are vertices array, triangles array with length multiple of 3

  1. How do I create vertices on edges of my mesh? (I need a way to detect that two vertices have edge between)
  2. How to connect all of these new vertices with source vertices?

I thought I can simply find 2 closest vertices to each new (Excluding other new vertices) and create triangles with them, but I imagined what will be if I choose random point closer to the center of mesh and provide smaller radius (The mesh will have ragged polys and remove polys near edges in direction from center to new circle center)

Don't pay attention on green arrows on my image. They don't apply to that case.

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