I have the following tabels

table check

 name ...

table setting type

level //references id on table check

tabel settings

type, //references type on table setting type

So basically i would like to return all checks with settings

So i have in my models

1.Check model // references table check

    public function settingsval(){
       return $this->hasMany('App\AppSettingTypes','name','name.setting');

On my AppSettingTypes // references table setting type

    public function settings(){
       return $this->hasMany('App\AppSetting','id','type');

SO on my controller am simply doing


But everytime the settings array is empty even though there is data

What could be wrong?


If level column of table setting type holds the reference to check table then your mapping would be something like

public function settingsval(){
   return $this->hasMany('App\AppSettingTypes','level','id');

hasMany definition

hasMany($related, $foreignKey, $localKey)

Its better if you could use a better naming convention for your related columns like check_id instead of level and so on

  • CheckModel::with('settingsval') now give me upto appsetting types but i would now like to get the settings not appsetting types – GEOFFREY MWANGI May 16 '18 at 8:20
  • @GEOFFREYMWANGI If you want settings also then update your with part as CheckModel::with('settingsval.settingsval') – M Khalid Junaid May 16 '18 at 8:50
  • 1
    Thanks this now works. – GEOFFREY MWANGI May 16 '18 at 9:06

If level column of table setting type holds the reference to check table then your mapping would be

public function settingsval(){
   return $this->belongsTo('YourCheckModelname','level');

And In table check model have the mapping like

public function settingtype(){
       return $this->hasMany(\App\AppSettingTypes::class);

Like wise if type column of table setting holds the reference to setting type table then your mapping would be like

 public function settings(){
       return $this->belongsTo('YourSettingTypeModelname','type');

and in setting type model have mapping like

public function settingsType(){
           return $this->hasMany('YourSettingModelName'::class);

Then you have to do in your controller

CheckModel::with('settingsval') //get all settingvalues

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