I am trying to compute an ICC(3,k) for k=2 or more for columns in a pandas dataframe. I could not find any toolboxes for this, only this post from 2016 (the Brain toolbox does not exist anymore). There is a code sample for ICC(3,1) but numpy and not pandas based. I am a little lost on how to re-work this.

Basically, I want to mimic the IBM SPSS toolbox for dataframes I already have created.

I have a number of measurements performed by 2 (or more) independent observers on a number of subjects.

I have a dataframe of the form (columns are multiindex):

          meas1        meas2         meas3
         obs1 obs2    obs1 obs2     obs1 obs2 

I would like to compute the ICC for every measurement.

Have you tried rpy2 module. It has the same functions as in R. Probably, you can check if both R and SPSS implementations are similar.

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