I'm drawing navigation road at Swift. I'm using current location to another location and made a draw. Afterward, I select another location and redraw it. But even if I write mapView.remove(rotapoly) in my code, it doesnt remove it. How can I solve this?

func mapView(_ mapView: MKMapView, annotationView view: MKAnnotationView, calloutAccessoryControlTapped control: UIControl) {
    cizim = 1;
    let capital = view.annotation as! Station
    guard let locValue: CLLocationCoordinate2D = locationManager.location?.coordinate else { return }
    let neresi = CLLocationCoordinate2D(latitude: capital.latitude, longitude: capital.longitude)
    let nerdeyim = CLLocationCoordinate2D(latitude: locValue.latitude, longitude: locValue.longitude)
    let request = MKDirectionsRequest()
    request.source = MKMapItem(placemark: MKPlacemark(coordinate: nerdeyim, addressDictionary: nil))
    request.destination = MKMapItem(placemark: MKPlacemark(coordinate: neresi, addressDictionary: nil))
    request.requestsAlternateRoutes = true
    request.transportType = .walking
    let directions = MKDirections(request: request)
    directions.calculate { [unowned self] response, error in
        guard let unwrappedResponse = response else { return }
        if (unwrappedResponse.routes.count > 0) {

func showRoute(_ response: MKDirectionsResponse) {
    for route in response.routes {
        rotapoly = route.polyline
       mapView.add(rotapoly, level: MKOverlayLevel.aboveRoads)
        for step in route.steps {
  • mapView.removeOverlays(mapView.overlays)? – Ahmad F May 16 at 13:56
  • i've tried, but it didnt work. – Kuroiteiken May 16 at 14:10

use map view method


this will remove all overlays you have added so you have to do whole process again its like reloading map view

  • I've tried this too, but still same – Kuroiteiken May 16 at 14:11

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