I am trying to resize the video using (FFMPEG + node + child_process). and my code looks something like this , You can read comments and understand it. it's self-explanatory for people who are familiar with node and ffmpeg. when I run this code, I keep getting error in newThread.stderr.on() function . which is not expected behaviour. After running this process I am getting expected video translation, which is expected behaviour.

const spawn = require('child_process').spawn;

// resize and compress video promise  = prom2
const resizeVideoWith_FFMPEG_Promise = (sourceFile , sinkFile)=>{
    return new Promise ( (resolve , reject)=>{

        // actual command for ffmpeg is something like this , "ffmpeg -i oldVideo -vf scale=-2:480 newVideo"
        // New thread
        const newThread = spawn('ffmpeg' , ['-i','vid1.mp4','-vf','scale=-2:480','vid2.mp4']);

        // on close signal
            console.log(' thread closed for video ' , sourceFile);
            return resolve();
        // on stderr signals
            console.log(' got error in the thread of video ' , sourceFile);
            fullError = data.toString();
            // return resolve();
            // return reject();
            // just ignore all stadanrd outputs

resizeVideoWith_FFMPEG_Promise('vid1.mp4' , 'vid2.mp4' ).then((res)=>{

For the sake of simplicity I am resolving the promise everytime, even if I get stderr. And at end of running this code I get output something like this ,

 got error in the thread of video  vid1.mp4
frame= 3277 fps=116 q=28.0 size=   12288kB time=00:02:16.64 bitrate= 736.7kbits/s speed=4.82x    
 got error in the thread of video  vid1.mp4
frame= 3313 fps=115 q=28.0 size=   12544kB time=00:02:18.15 bitrate= 743.8kbits/s speed=4.79x    
 got error in the thread of video  vid1.mp4
frame= 3362 fps=115 q=28.0 size=   12800kB time=00:02:20.17 bitrate= 748.0kbits/s speed=4.78x    
 got error in the thread of video  vid1.mp4
frame= 3408 fps=114 q=28.0 size=   12800kB time=00:02:22.12 bitrate= 737.8kbits/s speed=4.77x    
 got error in the thread of video  vid1.mp4
frame= 3465 fps=114 q=28.0 size=   13056kB time=00:02:24.49 bitrate= 740.2kbits/s speed=4.76x    
 got error in the thread of video  vid1.mp4
frame= 3522 fps=114 q=28.0 size=   13312kB time=00:02:26.86 bitrate= 742.5kbits/s speed=4.76x    
 got error in the thread of video  vid1.mp4
frame= 3580 fps=114 q=28.0 size=   13568kB time=00:02:29.28 bitrate= 744.6kbits/s speed=4.76x

Now, my problem is if I always keep resolving errors, then I will never be able to catch when the video ACTUALLY FAILED TO RESCALE. so, how can I ignore these type of un-necessary stderr and catch only useful errors ?

Pls someone help.

I have been through lot of related links like this, but none of these actually solve my problem(even if they did, I couldn't figure out)

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Using module "child_process" without Webpack

Suppressing STDOUT with node child_process

Small hint will be very helpful. Thank you .

BTW , SO moderators , My actual title was like

stderr problem while using FFMPEG with node via child_process module

But it didn't allow me to use such title. so, I am using some dummy title.

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