What is the difference between the method that define layers in __init__() function, call layer in forward later and the method that directly use layer in forward() function ?
Should I define every layer in my compute graph in constructed function(eg. __init__) before I write my compute graph?
Could I direct define and use them in forward()?

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Everything which contains weights which you want to be trained during the training process should be defined in your __init__ method.

You don't need do define activation functions like softmax, ReLU or sigmoid in your __init__, you can just call them in forward.

Dropout layers for example also don't need to be defined in you __init__, they can just be called in your forward too. However defining them in your __init__ has the advantage that they can be switched off easier during evaluation.

Hope this is clear. Just ask if you have any further questions.

  • That means if a layer have train-able parameters, I should put it into __init__ function? I noticed that softmax, relu and sigmoid don't have any train-able parameters, so I got this question. – AlphaGoMK May 29 at 8:20
  • Yes, you need to initialize everything with train-able parameters in your __init__ - this is not the case for activations like softmax, relu or sigmoid. – blue-phoenox May 30 at 8:04
  • Thanks, it really helps a lot. – AlphaGoMK May 31 at 9:31

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