I have a like button in my app and when user clicks on it. with asynchttpclient 2 data sending to php
1: ID of that banner in database that liked 2: like_counter that equals=1

my asynchttpcode

   private void like(final String ID) {

                        AsyncHttpPost post = new AsyncHttpPost(


                        MultipartFormDataBody body = new MultipartFormDataBody();

                        body.addStringPart("ID", ID);
                        body.addStringPart("like_counter" , String.valueOf(like_counter));
                        Log.d("idsent", String.valueOf(like_counter));


                        AsyncHttpClient.getDefaultInstance().executeString(post, new AsyncHttpClient.StringCallback() {
                            public void onCompleted(final Exception e, AsyncHttpResponse source, String result) {



I get log in android and all is right. but I don't know why when data sent, my database doesn't change the number in Like Field.

this is my php code:

    if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {
      echo "Error is" . mysqli_connect_error();

    $ID= $_REQUEST['ID'];

    if($ID !=""  ){
    $likecount = mysqli_query($connection,"select Like from banners where ID='$ID'");
        $result = mysqli_query($connection,"update banners set Like=$likecount+1 where ID='$ID' ");
            print "ok";
        }else if($result==""){
            print "no";


    }else {
        print "null";


When I put data in Url in a browser it just prints null. Why? Once I give like_counter to my php code and once I don't give that. my Like field is Int and As defind 0

and in android ID is String and like_counter is Int. thanks

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