Typically when developing a spring boot application you would initialise it, and have your controllers that are defined. Take the following as an example;

@GetMapping(value = "/{thisIsMyConfigInDB}")
@ApiOperation(value = "This is what the API returns, enjoy!", response = MyCustomResponseType.class)
    public @ResponseBody MyCustomResponseType getResult(@PathVariable(value = "thisIsMyConfigInDB") final String thisIsMyConfigInDB{
        final MyCustomResponseType result = justAnyService.methodImplementation(thisIsMyConfigInDB);
        return result;

This is great. Consumers can see what the end result looks like by expecting a result that will always conform to the contract MyCustomResponseType. Let us just focus on GET for now (avoid getting into PUT, POST etc.).

If you have a 100 of these simple GET endpoints, things may get out of hand when it comes to monitoring, maintaining updates etc.

For the thisIsMyConfigInDB object, I store the properties of the object and also the property types. So if I chose, I can dynamically create these classes, and try to create the CRUD controllers myself. Using this approach, I'll save the development and maintenance of all controllers, and just maintain one having many configurations stored.

Is there something out there that I can use? It is a step further than Spring CrudRepository, because CrudRepository still is based on a JPA defined object, where in my case that object will be metadata stored in a DB.

  • It's not really clear what you are asking, if you want to generate code, use reflection, create dynamic end-points is also a bit confusing, I suggest re asking this. – Snickers3192 May 19 at 7:51

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