Have a project Vue.js + Typescript using Google Maps API, try to import infobox.js (npm package google-maps-infobox-window) library into and getting an error in the console:

Uncaught TypeError: InfoBox is not a constructor

Library doesn't typed yet, so all is remains - import as any, without typings. I tried 3 ways to do it:

  • import * as InfoBox 'google-maps-infobox-window'
  • var InfoBox = require('google-maps-infobox-window')
  • making *d.ts file with manual module/function declaration

And none of these actions has no effect, InfoBox constructor still not found. Before import infobox.js I already has imported googlemaps (via script tag) and RichMarker.js (via require('')) and those are works perfectly. Can anyone help with it?

Also, I tried to add "allowJs": true to tsconfig.json, still nothing


import { } from '@types/googlemaps';
const RichMarker = require('js-rich-marker');
//problems started below when I use
import { InfoBox } from 'google-maps-infobox-window';
// or this
const InfoBox = require('google-maps-infobox-window');


//and try to use imported function (constructor)
let infoBox = new InfoBox({content: boxText});

In search of problem solution I tried a lot of possible ways and all npm packages related to infobox.js. Finally, I found 'google-maps-infobox' (https://www.npmjs.com/package/google-maps-infobox), which has no exhaustive description, but it was working one at least. Moreover, it has even *.d.ts file, which provide proper import in ts-project. So, I installed this dependency and added in import section of component

import InfoBox from 'google-maps-infobox';

and use it in this way

//in some method (function)
let infoBox: InfoBox = new InfoBox({
    content: //some html markup

Also, this package works good with require() import, except of InfoBox-object will be typed as any

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